Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine!

The Tofino sunshine has surprised us once again! Just when you think the warm weather is over it comes back for more, and just in time for the thanksgiving weekend! Our weather is not the only thing we have been excited about; our sightings have also been absolutely amazing!

When the swell grows we head for shelter (sheltered waters that is!) We had a great time with a pod of transient Killer whales about a week ago. The sun was shining and the conditions were so calm you could literally hear the whales breathe and move through the waters of the inlet, AMAZING! Grey whales and Humpbacks have also been spotted daily, preparing to head out for there winter migration, as well as Black bears, Wolves, Steller sea lions and so much more! Don’t miss a chance to view their amazing creatures, under the warm Tofino sun!

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