Stormy Seas

Even though the past couple days were windy and rainy our 12 passenger vessel WASCO took our guests on a cruise of the inside waters to seek out some bears. And thanks to the comforts of WASCO, our guests were able to stay dry and warm. It’s good to know that our vessels are comfortable to be on regardless of the weather.  After two days of stormy weather, we had a lot of visitors itching to get out on the water for some adventure . Today started off a bit foggy but as the morning wore on the fog gave way to the sunshine. Our Bear Watchers enjoyed their misty morning on the inside waters and our Whale Watchers boarded NANUQ in anticipation of an afternoon on the water.  And the weather is getting better and better as the week goes on. Thursday is forecasted as sunny and 17 degrees celsius. Contact the office to make your reservations or book online and receive 10% off.

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