Still Lots Of Life Left In This Season

Our season continues and the sightings on our tours are still going strong.  it has been a while however, yesterday our group set out on WASCO and managed to find a pair of Humpback whales which included a young calf.  We did also manage to find several of the Grey Whales that have been in the area feeding for the last couple of weeks now.  After watching the whales for some time and a good amount of time with a group of about 13 Sea Otters our group spotted a small water spout rising up off the sea stretching several feet into the air.  I did get a chance to see some photos of the spout and am hopeful that we will have them to share on our sight within the next week or so.  West Coast Aquatic Safaris does have a photo of he week contest so for any of you that have been out with us this year we would love to see some of your best shots and then share them with all of our followers on the blog, the home page of our website as well as our new Facebook Page that has just been launched.

November is almost here which means that there are several big events coming up quickly including the Oyster Festival which is a huge favourite of West Coast Aquatic Safaris and locals alike.  There will be many great special treats offered around town at all your favourite restaurants like Shelter, SoBo The Spotted Bear Bistro as well as some fun activities for all.  Stay tuned for details on where to find the food and the fun.  Happy Halloween.

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