See You In The New Year

West Coast Aquatic Safaris has officially stopped running tours for the 2010 season. WASCO was taken out of the water and sent to her winter resting place until early in February when she will emerge from her sleep in search of her shadow, or at least those that are ready for the 2011 season. While our boats are now both out of the water, both Brent and Keith can still be found in the office, here in Tofino, over the next couple of weeks prior to heading to Hawaii to catch up with the humpbacks that have moved on to their winter home.

We will be returning to the office in the middle of January to ensure that everything is in order for WASCO’s return to the water, in early February, followed by NANUQ just in time for the Pacific Rim Whale Festival. For those that are unfamiliar with the Festival it is certainly one of the most fun times of the year, for a visit to Tofino. There is much to celebrate including the official welcoming back of the whales to our area. It should be noted that even though this is when we celebrate we did have many whales prior to this, including Orcas, on our first tour in February. As well as having much to celebrate it will also be done in many places and many ways. West Coast Aquatic Safaris will be the official sponsor of one of the main events which will be focused on children and youth however there is always great things for the adults as well.

We look forward to seeing everyone after our brief hibernation and please know that we will continue to make postings to both our new Facebook page as well as our Blog.

7 Responses to “See You In The New Year”

  1. Pat Clark says:

    Your ‘blogs’ are always interesting, keeping us posted on the amazing variety of things to do in Tofino. The comments of the ‘naturalists’ on board Nanuq and Wasco make every trip an adventure in learning more of our wonderful wildlife. After a trip on one of your comfortable vessels I’m anxious to go again and again and learn more.

  2. Francis says:

    Sorry to hear that the tours are finished for the year but very excited that we can now comment and continue to follow Diana’s adventures while she is at the center in Hawaii. Thanks!

  3. wcasblog says:

    Re: Pat Clark. Thank you very much for your feedback. We really appreciate you taking the time to let us know how you feel. We always love to have people come back again as it can be very different each time.

  4. Keen says:

    A beautiful sunset – where was that taken? I hear you have an “Oyster trip” now – What is it all about? Will you be doing it in the Spring? It sounds like fun – is it an evening cruise or is there an option – afternoon?

  5. wcasblog says:

    Kip, Thank you as well for your thoughts. I hope that you will also find some of the other entries of interest. Have you taken a moment to view some of our galleries? There are many great photos submitted by our guests!

  6. wcasblog says:

    Keen, Your comments are greatly appreciated. The sunset you refer to was submitted by one of our guests. After a Sunset dinner cruise with us they wanted to show us how their evening finished off. As for the exact spot I am unsure. We will be offering the Oyster tour throughout our season as it has quickly become very popular. At this time it has been an afternoon tour as we involve the oyster farmers as a key part however in spring and summer the possibilities are almost endless.

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