Yesterday It Dawned On Me That It Is Officially May

I'm really excited about whales. Photo cred: Kel E Frith

May 1st went well, May 2nd seems great so far. More interestingly, tomorrow is May 3rd. This is an important day for me as it marks the first year anniversary of my westward migration to Tofino. Although this past year has had it’s up and downs, Tofino is home, and I love it. Working at West Coast Aquatic Safaris has helped reignite my passion for this place and over the next few days, I’ll be sharing a few reasons why (in no particular order):

1.Whales are kind of awesome.

We are blessed in Tofino to be able to witness the awesomeness of several species of whales and cetaceans. I can’t pretend to know as much about whales or tell you as many stories as our migrating naturalist Diana would (you should check out her posts!) but I do know that:

  • Grey whales make the longest annual migration of any mammal: 8, 000–11, 000 kilometers per year. Pretty much double the width of Canada, no big deal.
  • The 15, 000–20, 000 grey whales that pass by Tofino each spring travel at a speed of 120 kilometers a day. And our drivers Tim and Jeff can still manage to find them…
  • Orcas are smart. Really smart. One in captivity figured out that if it regurgitated the food the aquarium was feeding it to the top of its tank, birds would come eat the unwanted food. Those birds quickly became food for the Orca. Others Orcas in the same tank began to mimic this behavior. This all happened within a 2 week period… Smart.

I may not have (yet) been able to witness Orcas dinning on birds in the same manner, but even better I’ve been lucky enough to see them in their natural element: in my back yard. Yeah it rains a lot (300 cm a year to be exact). But maybe times aren’t so tough in Tuff City.

Stay tuned.

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