Our Office Team

When making your reservation at West Coast Aquatic Safaris or arriving for your tour, you may be welcomed by Simone.   Proud to be born and raised in Bavaria (Germany) Simone completed school as well as an apprenticeship as an office manager.

After a few years living in small but beautiful town in Bavaria Simone decided to move to a city in the northern part of Germany to experience the big city life.  A few short years later a new plan was developed to travel abroad.  Simone planned to go with a working holiday visa to Canada after she fell in love with the beautiful nature she had seen in photos.  After four months traveling in USA, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Belize, Honduras and Mexico Simone finally arrived in Canada.  During a short trip to Vancouver Island Simone discovered Tofino, hopped on board WASCO for a Whale Watch Trip and has decided to stay in this amazing West Coast Town.  Simone now enjoys every day and has found a real passion for the fantastic wildlife and incredible activities that Tofino has to offer.

Simone has now been with West Coast Aquatic Safaris for close to two months.  She has shared her stories with a few, but more importantly she has help create wonderful memories for many.  We are very happy to have Simone as a member of our office team and hope that she will remain in Tofino for a long time.

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