Mid-Summer Happenings

The past week has been quite amazing out on the waters of Clayoquot Sound. The streets of Tofino are bustling with people, and there is as much going on out on the water as there is going on in town. The black bear sightings have been endless on our morning Bear Watching Tours. Nanuq, our 36 passenger catamaran, has been seeing tons of grey whales and a boat load of Humpback whales. On our Whale Watching Tour, yesterday, a humpback whale was hanging around right beneath the boat! Otters, sea lions, puffins, eagles and even a sun fish have all been spotted this week. There is also TWO fishing derbies this weekend; the Annual Legion Fishing Derby and the Saltwater Classic. and the catch has been good so far. You can check the progress of both derbies at The Westcoaster.ca.

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