Looking Ahead While Reflecting On The Past

With summer and Thanksgiving now behind us West Coast Aquatic Safaris is currently enjoying the O’Neill Cold Water Classic surf competition while beginning to plan for next year.  The 2010 season has been a fantastic on for many reasons.  With a strong Bear and Wolf population this year there were many adults as well as cubs and pups to be seen making our bear watching tours quite spectacular.  The whales were also quite plentiful this season with a steady flow of Grey whales, a hearty amount of Humpbacks and many visits from a variety of Transient Orcas and of coarse one or two sightings of G-Pod, the Vancouver Island residents.  Don’t be fooled by the shorter days and crisper temperatures.  It may be fall however, there are lots of whales left to be seen.  Last year our season stretched until the end of November with sightings everyday.

As we move into the fall it is time to think about how West Coast Aquatic Safaris can improve and go the extra mile to ensure that we are reaching all of our guests needs.  In order to see how we are doing we invite all of our previous guests to visit our website and leave some comments in our online Guest Book or perhaps send us some photos of their experience for our photo of the week contest.

Finally, West Coast Aquatic Safaris will be looking to expand our team for next season and are beginning our search for individuals with passion for the sea and all of it’s creatures and a desire to share that passion with our guests.  If you or someone you know may be interested please contact our office to see how you may get on board.  We will be attending the B.C. Tourism Industry Conference in Vancouver next week and for those that are interested there will be an opportunity to connect during the show.  See you there.

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