Local Guides and Captains Offer Local Knowledge

When spending time on the water it is important to know who you are going with and that they are safe and reputable.  West Coast Aquatic Safaris prides itself in being Transport Canada Safety Certified since we have opened.  All of our Captains maintain a level of certification higher that what is required by Transport Canada.

To add to both the experience and overall safety of your journey, whether it is to Hot Springs Cove, Whale or Bear Watching our captains have also been born and raised in the area.  This offers a thorough understanding and wealth of experience navigating the waters of Clayoquot Sound.  Each has spent many years on the sea and been around to witness the changes that both the environment and our town have gone through over many years.  They can share knowledge of the way things were and what the changes have meant when when it comes to wildlife viewing and adventure tourism.   To top it all off they are wonderful people with a genuine interest in sharing all that the ocean and its surroundings have to offer.  Welcome aboard WASCO and NANUQ,we are happy to have you with us.

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