Large or Small We Provide Comfort & Quality

As the summer begins to pass our weather begins to change and become somewhat less predictable.  It is also possible that we may vary which vessel we are using from trip to trip depending upon the number of people.  One thing that will not change however, is whether you are on a tour aboard NANUQ our 36 passenger vessel (left), or WASCO our 12 passenger vessel (right), you are guaranteed, the same comfort, quality, expertise and passion from all of the West Coast Aquatic Safaris team.  We will go out of our way to provide you with the experience you are looking for from Whales, Bears or a trip to the spectacular Hot Springs Cove.  We will always be prepared and offer you the luxury of choice to ride inside or out on each of our vessels.  We will provide you with the very best in Helly Hansen rain wear to ensure you stay as dry as possible and a toasty warm cabin with windows free from condensation it you desire an experience from a sheltered space.  Viewing our website will give you an idea of what we offer, our Guest Book page will highlight how well we do it and our Book Now page will allow you to save 10% when making reservations 24 hours in advance.  Give us a call for any further questions or to see just how accessible our boats are for your special requirements.

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