Is Summer Here?

It is our first week back in the office after our winter holidays and it is starting to feel like summer already. We had a spectacular sunset last evening just shortly after this photo was taken.  This is the view down the inlet from the patio at the West Coast Aquatic Safaris office. Looking up Lemmens Inlet, where many of you from last year would recognize as a location where we saw many Orcas, Black Bears and also hosted our very first Oyster tour.

We are very excited to get the year rolling and have WASCO scheduled for her first voyage of the season on Friday February 18th with NANUQ back in the water shortly after. For anyone that is curious what they might be seeing at this time of the year, our blogs are always available to go back and see what was happening. First trip last year was a gorgeous calm sunny day much like today and we were treated to our first pair of Orcas including a female and her baby just our from MacKenzie Beach. This year seems promising as there have already been sightings of Orcas from local fishing boats just waiting for you to join them.

2011 should be a very exciting year and is West Coast Aquatic Safaris 4th year bringing you the very best in thrilling, family adventure tours. As usual there are many great activities and events scheduled for Tofino and nearby Uclulet and we will do our very best to keep you informed about all of them. We are happy to announce that we will be partnering with some of our favourite resorts and restaurants for some very special promotions and will have all of the details listed on our Packages page as well as our Facebook page. We look forward to having you on board!

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