In today’s blog we are asking for your help…

We are incredibly happy and proud to be considered the #1 rated whale watch charter company in Tofino, BC according to Trip Advisor! We’ve worked VERY hard over the past 4 seasons to make this happen and are thankful for all the great reviews.  However, as this a process that needs YOUR input after touring with us, we are continually looking for more feedback!

If you feel that you have had a wonderful time with one of West Coast Aquatic Safaris’ Captains: Jeff, Tim, Keith, we would

Captain Tim and his crew aboard WASCO

love to hear it!   Or if one of our Naturalists: Diana, Chewie, Pascale have made your trip a more memorable experience, make your mark on Trip Advisor and let others know!   If you feel that you have been sincerely helped by one of our Office Staff: Brent, Ashley, Andrew, Kayla, Sharah, or Savannah please take the time to help other potential mariners visiting Tofino learn a little more about West Coast Aquatic Safaris so they can experience call that we have to offer!

We hope to impress you with our knowledge and passion for wildlife and the Clayoquot Sound.  Now…getting back to enjoying blogging, facebooking and tweeting about our amazing experiences on the West Coast!

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