Guarantee your Experience

When it comes to planning your adventure the last thing one wants to do is short change themselves. As we start looking at the calendar to figure out when we can sneak away for a much needed getaway and a burst of excitement from our busy schedules, the first thing we think about is booking our accommodations.  We then start looking around at what to do and where is the best places to do all the amazing things on our bucket list. We make a great list of everything and start planning what order we should do them and often times we think about something like marine adventure being the grand finally or the perfect end to the vacation.

Something that we often overlook is that there is a possibility that depending on the time of the season, there might be thousands of people planning to do the same thing or even the possibility that no one else.  We are aware that it might be an issue so we secure that first primal need of a place to stay. Often the last thought is to make the reservation for the activities.  There are a few reasons that this can be a real make or break for your vacation and some tips on how to make the most of early bookings.

Traveling in the shoulder seasons individuals and families are able to take advantage of slightly lower rates for some of the places to stay or things to do.  What to be aware of when planning activities is that there are often minimum numbers required to make the trips possible.  Booking in advance with West Coast Aquatic Safaris allows us to go to work for you and using our network of resources through hotels, local businesses etc. to ensure that your trip will be confirmed and meet the minimum numbers for guests as well as maximize your experience.  At the same time you will receive an additional 10% discount for booking online in advance.  Planning to have your adventure at the beginning you your stay on the Pacific Rim also allows the chance to reschedule if there is any unforeseen weather. Knowing in advance that you are booked with West Coast Aquatic Safaris means that you can rest assured that you will enjoying your experience from the most comfortable and highly Transport Canada Safety Certified Vessel on the Coast.  Your advance booking also gives you and your family the chance to follow along through our blogs and facebook page to see what we have been up to to, what we have seen and who we are as a team.  When you are planning for the summer season, things get busy so quickly that a particular tour can sell out a 36 passenger vessel in less than one hour.  We have unfortunately have seen many families go home disappointed from trying to squeeze in the “highlight” of their vacation on the last morning of their trip.

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