First Class Naturalist

At West Coast Aquatic Safaris, having a first class naturalist on board is all part of the experience. NANUQ, our newest tour vessel is larger than some others; however, we recognize the importance of having quality educated individuals on board to maximize your experience. In such a vast area there is much to see and even more to know about what is all around us on each of our tours. To make sure that you don’t miss out we provide one naturalist for every 12 people and they are fully knowledgeable about the local wildlife, history and culture. This photo shows “Chewie”, one of our naturalist crew, providing information on some of the species of whales found in our local waters to a very captive audience.

We continue to have brilliant weather lately. The heat has settled down and we are now experiencing a little of the morning fog that makes Tofino feel so mysterious and romantic this time of year. As the temperature has gone down a couple of degrees it has made for better conditions for finding Black Bears on the beaches at low tide foraging for shell fish and crabs. There continues to be an abundance of Grey and Humpback whales in the area as well as a pod of Orcas in the last couple of days. This evening we will be hosting our second sunset dinner cruise, which is the newest and most spectacular offers that Tofino has seen.  Contact our office for all the details as this one is not available to book online.

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