Consistantly Good Results And Plenty of Room

The season has been good to West Coast Aquatic Safaris and all of our guests.  There have been many days that the weather would be considered less than perfect if your goal was to lay out on the beach and work on the tan.  As far as adventure and wildlife viewing the conditions are well past spectacular and moving towards perfect.  We have had excellent results on both Whale and Bear Watch tours in the last couple days and today has been no exception.  On our first tour of the day NANUQ had the pleasure of viewing two sets of mother bears each with two cubs in Fortune channel.  Our Hot Springs tour aboard WASCO,which left at 11:00am was very fortunate to see Orcas, Humpbacks and Grey Whales even before getting to the Hot Springs. As the afternoon began we set out on another Bear tour with the added bonus of discovering a second small pod of Orcas in the harbour.  The action continued again as the late afternoon Whale Watch group found both separate pods of Orcas, each consisting of a couple females, one male and one baby as well as several Humpbacks within a couple miles of shore.

In and around Clayoquot Sound you never know what you will see at any given time.  When you travel with West Coast Aquatic Safaris we guarantee both whales and adventure and we do so from our First-Class boats with a comfortable price.  There are many options in Tofino but why not choose the one with the most highly trained and Transport Canada Safety Certified crew and boats.   Our reviews speak for us and we encourage you to leave yours.

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