Changes at our main office!

As summer fast approaches, things are getting busy at West Coast Aquatic Safaris!  We are giving WASCO one last overhaul before May Long Weekend and the sounds of hammers and woodcutters can be heard throughout the office!  Despite the rain, our construction team is hard at work outside our 4th Street office enhancing our building.

The sun was shinning on the first day of construction on the ramp

With NANUQ being wheelchair accessible we have also made the decision to make our building wheelchair and stroller friendly with the inclusion of a ramp!  We feel that it is important that everyone can join us on our Hot Springs, whale and bear watching excursions and that including this ramp will facilitate that.

It's raining, it's pouring! The boys are still working!

If you have any questions about wheelchair accessibility on our boats and in our office, please do not hesitate to call.  Further, if you have suggestions on ways we can continue to improve our facilities, we would love to hear them!

And...voila! Project complete! If you're in or around the Tofino area come check out the new addition to our building!

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