Canucks and The Cup

If you’ve been around Tofino in the past few weeks, you’ve likely noticed an eerie occurrence on certain evenings. Our normally bustling town seems to clear out, and you can almost see the tumbleweed rolling down the empty streets. However, if you were to make your way down to Shelter Restaurant or the Weigh West Pub, you would find an entirely different scene. It seems as though every single Tofitian and visitor to our area has congregated in front of the big-screen TVs, to passionately cheer on their favourite hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks.

The Canucks have lived out not only a dream season, but have continued to steamroll their way right through the post-season playoffs, showing remarkable adaptability and determination.  And as the Canucks continue to devour every team in their path, it seems very fitting that their mascot should be the killer whale, the famous top predator in our seas.  The recent victory over the San Jose Sharks was especially appropriate, as orca whales are well known for hunting and killing even the infamous great white shark. And so, as the Canucks set their sights on the ultimate goal, the Stanley Cup, they’re going to need  save some room for one last meal. We know that here on the West coast, bears will often approach the water at low tide for seafood snacks, but the bears represented by the Boston Bruins might not want to get too close to the water.  Those killer Canucks are always on the prowl, and and looking pretty hungry for a nice morsel of bear meat! The first Stanley Cup Final game against the Bruins airs tomorrow night, so come on down to the local pub to cheer with the rest of town, and don’t forget to join us on Wasco as she shows her loyalty to Vancouver, while searching for those famous killer whales!

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