August’s End

Here in Tofino, summer is still in full swing, but fall is definitely on the horizon. Our thoughts flicker every now and then to September. Excitement builds in all the surfers’ bellies as the swells that start to come in are getting bigger and bigger as the summer ages. It has us checking Magic Sea Weed and every morning, afternoon, and evening to see what the sea is brewing up for us. Local businesses anticipate the excitement of the summer’s climax: Labour Day Weekend. A time for visitors to have on last dance with with Clayoquot Sound before heading back to the city for school or work.

Tofino changes at the end of August. The entire town takes a big exhalation and there is a bit more time to slow down and enjoy the area in it’s summer dress. The Lantern Festival is on Sunday August 29th at the Botanical Gardens, and is a great way to celebrate the final weeks of summer. If you haven’t already, now is the time to get on the water. Head to the Hot Springs or hop on NANUQ for a Whale Watch. You could have one last taste of summer at The Sugar Shack. Their ice cream is irresistible… and so is their coffee! Enjoy it all while you can, because as much as the fall has it’s own charms, you’ll be missing summer before you know it!

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