A Tofitian Canada Day

(written by office staff member Kayla)

In the last almost 2 years I have resided in Tofino I’ve loved the warm small community feeling about this bustling town, and this Canada day was no exception! Tofino hosts an annual local skate competition for Canada day, and this year was the first time I had the chance to enjoy it.  As I approached the park, the smell of smokies filled the air, tents with locals huddled under covered the park with little nik naks to purchase and admire.  I strolled around for a while until the sun finally showed it’s face and the competition was ready to begin.  The town gathered on the grassy area beside the park to watch their friends and family compete. You could hear the long lost friends re connecting after what seemed to be the never-ending winter. Everyone cheered as the competitors were called to show off their moves, as the announcer commentated.

Beer gardens were also a big hit, supplied by our local Tofino Brewing Company. As the gardens came to an end so did the sunlight and it was time for fireworks! The fireworks took place on the first street dock and people of all ages came to enjoy one of everyone’s favorite parts about Canada day. The event overall was a fantastic day and it was an amazing feeling looking around at our guests form all over the world who joined us to celebrate such an important day to Canadians!

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