A Moment to Reflect

West Coast Aquatic Safaris has been experiencing some fantastic conditions in the past week.  We have had some excellent days on the water with lots of sunshine and relatively flat seas.  The sightings have been wonderful with many Grey Whales, Humpbacks, Bears and the wolves have also been plentiful.  We have been receiving several photos in the last couple of days for our “Photo of  The Week” contest.  Some of the submissions have been quite unique and special in their own way. We always encourage our guests to email us their favourite shots from their trip and we don’t limit our request to just Whales, Bears or Hot Springs tours.  Sometimes the most enjoyable part of a trip is the quiet time for reflection after the tour is over.  Either around a nice beach fire on Long Beach as the sun sets, or from the top of Mount Lone Cone as the fog rolls in over the area where you had seen bears in the morning. At this time the perfect photo that summarizes your entire Tofino experience is often captured as it was for these two individuals.  When you visit Tofino there is the potential for an incredible experience around every corner.  Allow us to help you find it.

Our schedule is changing slightly as our daylight conditions change with the fall and we still encourage our guests to take advantage of the online booking system with the website to save 10%.  We would like everyone to be aware that the departure times may very slightly from the times posted on the site.  We encourage everyone to make use of the comment section, email or toll free number to confirm with our office if there are any questions about you planned departure times.  We are currently scheduling Whale watching departures for 9:30am and 1:30pm daily and our Hot Springs tours.  We look forward to seeing you on your fall getaway.

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