Tofino Sunsets & Oysters, A Perfect Pairing!

As the weekend comes to an end, Tofino sees its first flurries of snow for the year. As we expected this to happen we did manage to have one final weekend that was absolutely beautiful despite the chilly temperatures. As luck would have it the sunshine was a perfect match for first of Many Oyster Adventure Tours for West Coast Aquatic Safaris and the Clayoquot Oyster Festival. While the 13th annual Festival was a big success, it was definitely extra special for those that made the voyage up Lemmens inlet with Keith.

A cozy tour aboard WASCO lead the group to one of our local Oyster farms where the owner and his crew gave our guests the chance to experience the harvest of the best oysters the Pacific has to offer. Waiting at the farm was Derek Sandercock from Addictive Foods Catering and Private Chef Services to prepare and serve up these delicate gems in the most delicious ways possible.

The seas, skies, wildlife and expertise of all those involved, combined with the enthusiasm and thirst for a new experience for our guests truly made this tour a highlight of the festival and most definitely an event not to be missed in the future!

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