So Much To See

We are now entering the second week of the 25th Annual Pacific Rim Whale Festival.  It has been a great festival thus far with so many things to see and do. The activities have been as fantastic as ever but what has been steeling the show is all of the wildlife in the area. As if someone put nature on alert that the world would be watching, there has not been a day go but that our tours have not witnessed something spectacular.

We have had the pleasure of seeing several Orca cruising the inside water near Opitsat, thousands of Stellar Sea Lions, hundreds of Sea Otters floating as rafts in groups as large as 75 and probably over 100 grey whales over the course of the week migrating up the coast. As our seas have mellowed after the storms and the previous Tsunami advisory it has made for truly wonderful viewing from the 3 viewing deck of WASCO.

We have began collecting photos from our guests for our photo of the week contest and this week I have been featuring the work of Don Chesler, who was out with us several days ago. Don was kind enough to send us about 12 photos that can been seen here in our blog, on our Facebook Page and of course the big winner on our home page. We thank all of our guests who contribute and ask that everyone take the time to send in a photo or two so that others may share in your experience.

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