Our Season Ahead

Touring with West Coast Aquatic Safaris is a feast for all your senses!

As Diana wraps up her time in Maui and begins to make her way back to Tofino, we must first take a moment to thank her for sharing all of her wonderful experiences and bringing everything she has learned back to provide the guests of West Coast Aquatic Safaris with a first class experience.

We are now looking forward to what has already began as a fantastic season here at home. This year our guests have been fortunate enough to be on the water with Jeff to find this years first groups of migrating Grey whales. On route to Hot Springs Cove Jeff discovered the seasons first approximately 1 mile offshore headed up the coast. This is very exciting as it has happened a little earlier this year than last but means that the heavy traffic is on its way in time for the Pacific Rim Whale Festival which starts next week. The festival is expected to be even better than past years, which is no easy feet but with lots of new activities and events such as West Coast Aquatic Safaris Presents: Bob’s & Lolo during the Maritime Kids day, it will definitely be a good time.

Last season during Oyster Festival we had our first ever Oyster Adventure which included a stunning tour of the inlets with a visit to an oyster farm and an amazing lunch provided by chef Derek Sandercock of Addictive Food. This season we have already offered our first of several tours that will combine awe inspiring views with a culinary flare as seen in the photo.

As be begin our fourth season, West Coast Aquatic Safaris is happy to share with all of our guesst the great benefits of special packages, promotions and new opportunities provided in conjunction with our many partners both with in Tofino and beyond. We hope to keep you updated with as many new ideas and exciting ventures as possible through our promotions page, Facebook and Twitter for those that are fans or followers.

2011 will be a fantastic year with the energy, support, imagination, passion and drive of both our team and our global community. Welcome aboard!

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