Long Weekend Planning

Humpback whale breaching in Tofino.The season is rolling along and there have been loads of fantastic whale and wildlife sightings already. The whales that we see the most of at this time of year are the Grey whales however we have had numerous days of Transient Orcas and even the bonus of some really early Humpback whales, as seen in this photo.

With the long weekend rapidly approaching it becomes very important that you make your plans in advance. Booking your activities on such weekends can be as important as booking your hotel.

Our full schedules can be seen online through our “Book Now” widget by entering the dates that you will be in town and all available trips will be revealed. This can be a very busy weekend for family travel and tours can fill up quickly so if this is one of those “Bucket List” activities don’t go home disappointed. Take the time and visit our Specials Page and see how you can save a few extra dollars while you are at it.

Want to do something extra special, contact us about a private charter on either of our vessels, find out about special activities and things to do around town while you are with us.

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