Tofino Food and Wine Festival

We have had an almost perfect weekend for the Tofino Food and Wine Festival.  The sun has been shining, The bears have been around and there are plenty of whales.  This morning our group was out at the low tide for a bear watching trip.  We did manage to get lucky even though the temperature was quite warm and the tide was still fairly high.  Jeff our Captain was able to get WASCO and the group in close to get a good look at 2 Black Bears each on its own separate beach.

This afternoon has also been quite spectacular with Jeff and the group headed down to Long Beach for a large group of Humpbacks.  The Humpbacks were putting on quite a show as there were many bulls that seemed to be attempting to establish themselves for the mating season. To add to the excitement of an already fantastic weekend we continued to give away more seats for each trip.  We have had two lucky winners today that have received a full refund for their trip as part of the lead up to the launch of the newest vessel for West Coast Aquatic Safaris.

Keith is departing tomorrow by float plane and headed over to Armstrong Marine in Port Angeles Washington to bring NANUQ over to Canada.  Within days of this Keith and Jeff will begin the trip up to Tofino from Victoria.  All of the staff at West Coast Aquatic Safaris anxiously await their arrival and can’t wait for her maiden voyage.

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