Photo Of The Week, Feb. 19th, 2013

Young Female, almost full breach

Every great adventure can be broken into 3 parts that when put together make up one amazing experience. The first part is the anticipation.  We spend great amounts of time researching, learning, comparing and making the decision of what, when, how we are going to get the ext big thrill or try something new. We build it up in our heads, maybe we get nervous or really excited about what we are signing up for all leading up to the big day.

Second is the experience itself, we go out in the rain, sun, sow or hail and take part in whatever activity we have anxiously awaited for some time.  Maybe we scream, cry, laugh, gasp or sit in awe for  a period but we are in it until it is over.

Lastly is the part of reflection.  This part is as important to the overall experience as the activity itself.  We look back on the activity and reflect on how funny it was when…. or how scared we were when…. or how amazing it was to see… This section of our blog posts is completely dedicated to those that are on the reflection stage of the experience and want to share, inform others or even brad about their experience though photos.  Whenever we can we encourage our guests to bring their camera and take as many pictures to capture their experience.  And pictures of all parts of the adventure including boats, people, wildlife and sunsets.  We want you to submit them to us via our email or facebook page and we will post them in the Photo of the week category of our Blog for the world to see and hopefully comment and tell you how great your shot was.

Today’s photo was supplied by: Richard Gensmer from July 10th, 2012 during a whale watch tour.  We greatly appreciate the submission and hope that others will do the same!

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