Your Experience Matters

At West Coast Aquatic Safaris we go out of our way to make the most of your experience.  Me often feel that a larger vessel means a less intimate experience.  These photos were both taken aboard NANUQ yesterday during our 7:00am Bear Watch tour.  Not only did our passengers have an excellent view of 6 or 7 Black Bears but there were also wolves, Sea Lions, otters and many other incredible things to see.  A couple of our younger guests had a rare chance to join Keith, the Captain in the wheel house for an up close and personal look at the electronics and the custom Captain’s chair from NANUQ’s builders at Armstrong Marine.  In our other photo on the right we can see Jeff who is also one of our Captains but on this day he was acting as one of our naturalist team.  Jeff and his group are out on the bow of NANUQ getting a great look at a couple of Black Bears.  One of the other benefits to using a larger vessel such as this is that there are no limitations or restrictions around the age or height of our passengers making it an ideal choice for families wanting to share in the experience.  A larger Transport Canada Safety Certified vessel means that you can also dress to your own comfort level and take advantage of our complimentary Helly Hansen Rain jackets for wind or rain protection and not be required to wear the bulky survival suit. At West coast Aquatic Safaris we do have First Class Vessels With a Comfortable Price but most importantly, First Class Memories

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