Welcome Aboard

This is the second day in service for NANUQ, the newest vessel for West Coast Aquatic Safaris and Clearly the best in the west.  NANUQ has already seen lots of Grey and Humpback Whales, Black Bears and just about anything else that swims or walks in the West Coast.  As part of the celebration of the Arrival of NANUQ we have been giving away free trips on every voyage.

Today’s groups have been up and down the coastline between Tofino and Cow Bay.  On each of our trips our guests have had the chance to see many Grey Whales as well as Humpbacks.  At one point they were lucky enough to find a mother and calf Humpback that were nursing.  The weather has been excellent over the past few days with scattered clouds in the morning and clearing in the afternoon providing an excellent opportunity for beautiful sunset tours.

WASCO will be headed to Hot Springs Cove in the morning while NANUQ heads out for a couple of Whale watch trips and a Bear tour mid day.  View our website for the tour details and book online to save 10%.

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