We’ve Got You Covered, Literally

It may not come as a surprise to you that Tofino has changeable weather with the reputation of being less then ideal. Although this is not entirely true, we do live in a temperate rainforest and sometimes our wild west coast likes to keep us on our toes! What you may not know is that we are well aware of our unpredictable weather and we wouldn’t want it to keep you indoors on your vacation, so we are ready for it! How can we possibly prepare ourselves for this you ask? Well, NANUQ and WASCO have both been specially designed not only for wildlife viewing, but also for wildlife viewing on our wild west coast! Both of our first class vessels have the option of indoor and outdoor seating, making it possible to have the option of being comfortable inside our warm heated cabin, or outside taking advantage of the outdoor seating on the fly deck, or soaking up the sunshine on our large outdoor viewing decks! So while you’re on vacation if the weather happens to take a turn for the worst don’t let it get you down, we’ve got you covered rain or shine!

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