Our Friends Say Bye For Now To NANUQ

We have come to the point in the season where it was time for NANUQ to slip out of the water for the next couple of months.  It has been a couple of days now since the good folks at All Tow Boat Moving Services helped NANUQ out of the ocean and up on blocks at her winter resting place.  While NANUQ is taking a break for a while, WASCO is still working overtime to keep up with all of the Grey whales that are still spending time with us.  There has been plenty to see in the last few days with many Greys each day as well as large groups of Sea Otters as well.

We have also had several trips to Hot Springs Cove with people looking to make the most of the cooler temperatures.  As the air has a bit more of a chill lately, the average water temp remains roughly the same at approximately 109 degrees.  We recently had the opportunity to have Lynsey Franks from BC Living Magazine join us on one of our Hot Springs Tours and her article contains photos from her experience as well as a lot more information about the springs and the local area. West Coast Aquatic Safaris will continue to offer daily hot springs and whale watch departures until early into December.

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