First Class Comfort

West Coast Aquatic Safaris has done everything possible to take the comfort of you and your family into consideration. With years of experience in adventure tours and boat operations, Keith has carefully designed each vessel to offer the most smooth, safe, comfortable ride. At the same time he has worked hard to ensure that our vessels maintain the maximum maneuverability, speed when desired and the best view possible on the west coast.

As you are able to see from the photos, one of the features that makes NANUQ accessible to everyone is the ability to board at deck level. With a fully opening gate located on either side of the boat it makes it simple for just about anyone to enter regardless of age or ability. Whether entering the spacious cabin or heading to the upper deck, doorways and staircases are wide making for a smooth transition. Should you choose to remain seated during your tour, you will see that NANUQ is equipped with high back, cushioned seats to maximize the support in any rough seas.  With the weather patterns in the Pacific Rim, it is always possible to encounter any type of weather at any time. For this reason each of our vessels has indoor seating for all it’s passengers and restrooms, in a cabin that is well heated with dehumidifiers installed to maintain the most dry, condensation free atmosphere possible.

We often say that it is the little details that make something great however, no detail is bigger than that of a Transport Canada Safety Certification. When it comes to comfort, your safety is number one. Each of our vessels has been, and will always maintain this certification.  We strongly suggest that you not tour with anyone that is not or does not have the decal prominently displayed.

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