Designed With The Pacific Rim In Mind

Tofino and the Long Beach area is about as west as you can in get in Canada.  It is surrounded by an amazing temperate rainforest.  After knowing these few facts it is safe to assume that it inhibits beautiful waves, a plethora of wildlife, and well, precipitation.  As a charter company that embraces Long Beach, Tofino and the west coast, West Coast Aquatic Safaris decided to welcome the areas characteristics and work with it.  West Coast Aquatic Safaris had its first boat, WASCO built to work in this environment.  WASCO has heated and dry inside seating for all, but still delivers great wildlife viewing by providing an outdoor walk around deck and seating on it roof.  These outdoor spaces allow for guests to move around while out at sea and to have optimum wildlife viewing.  Not to mention it has a restroom on board and experienced captains with extensive wildlife and historical knowledge.  WASCO set a new standard of charter vessel for the Long Beach area.  Two years latter it was decided by West Coast Aquatic Safaris that there was a need for other like vessels.  However, this time it was felt that a 36 passenger vessel named NANUQ with like characteristics to WASCO would do the trick.  NANUQ still embraces the west coast by having three outdoor viewing decks, inside heated seating for all, an upper deck with outdoor seating, a restroom, and maintains a 1 to 12 ration of passengers to crew, but NANUQ was designed with twin halls!  The twin hall catamaran style allows for more stability out at sea, but maintains the high speeds while cruising.

West Coast Aquatic Safaris knows that both WASCO and NANUQ are first class vessel, but they are proud to be able maintain a comfortable and comparative pricing!

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