NANUQ – 36-Passenger Vessel

West Coast Aquatic Safaris’ 36-passenger All Weather Vessel, NANUQ was built and designed with our guests’ experience in mind! As West Coast Aquatic Safaris rose to provide the premiere experience, the value of NANUQ’s design features became obvious: three viewing decks, inside seating for all, more available seating than allowable passengers, and a clean restroom.  These are just a few of NANUQ’s characteristics that provide great value.  In addition, the catamaran design delivers a fast, efficient and stable journey.

Accessibility for all has become a priority with West Coast Aquatic Safaris and NANUQ has helped us reach this goal! NANUQ has a boarding gangway to allow wheelchair accessibility, a heated cabin with large windows so all can stay warm while enjoying the wildlife, and is spacious enough to allow guests to move around throughout the trip.

NANUQ is from the Inuit language and means Polar Bear. This species of bear was thought to be the Master of all Bears, but for West Coast Aquatic Safaris, NANUQ means a first class Transport Canada Safety Certified vessel crewed with professional staff.  The captains, interpreters, and office staff at West Coast Aquatic Safaris welcome you aboard to enjoy the experience!