West Coast Hikes


Level: Pretty Easy (A couple flights of stairs)

The parking lot for Schooner Cove is located west off of he pacific rim highway. The path to Schooner Cove consists of a serene stroll through a West Coast Rainforest along a boardwalk. The half an hour walk has breathtaking views of cedar trees, tranquil streams, and beautiful forest canopy. The forest eventually opens up onto the beach. Enjoy the white sand between your toes and the view of Long Beach.


Level: Moderate. Boardwalks and a bit of mud.

You’ll have to hop on a boat for this one. Meares Island is home to the some of the oldest living life forms on earth, a forest of 1000 – 1500 year old cedar trees. Locals have fought battles to keep these trees from being logged and were successful. Go and enjoy the fruits of their labour. This hike will take you about 1.5 hours.


Level: Pretty Easy

This is another hike that will require you to hop on a boat. It’s a long ride, about an hour and a half, so make sure you hire a comfortable vessel to take you there. WASCO at West Coast Aquatic Safaris has a heated cabin, a restroom, 3 viewing decks, and plenty of room to get up and move around. To book a Hot Springs Tour online click here.

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