Soaking up the Summer!

Enjoying our sunny ride on WASCO heading to the springs!

Hot Springs Cove is a trip that I have always enjoyed, and if you are visiting Tofino and have 6-7 hours out of your day to spare I highly recommend it! We departed on WASCO, which is our 12 passenger, covered vessel, perfect for a trip to the hot springs. Equipped with indoor and outdoor seating, multiple outdoor viewing decks, comfortable heated cabin, and an on-board restroom. It is truly a luxurious ride! Captain Tim led us up the beautiful sheltered inlet where the gorgeous sunshine beamed down on us. There was a great low tide which made is very easy for us to get a great view of a Black bear, who didn’t seem to mind his curious audience as he continued to forge for crabs and muscles under the rocks along the shoreline. We also came across some Sea otters who were hanging out in a kelp bed, as well as two hungry eagles, hunting for salmon to feast on!

View looking down on the Hot Springs!

After a relaxing trip up the inlet we finally reached the dock where we scampered off the vessel with excitement, and made our way up to the hot springs! The breathtaking second growth forest that towers over the wooden boardwalk quickly tamed the excitement of everyone and suddenly, there was no rush to reach our destination! Quite a few of the boardwalk planks have been carved into and I found myself spending as much time looking up at the trees as I did observing the mysterious planks below me. We reached the springs and words cannot describe the fantastic view that hot springs has that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Located between two giant rocks the hot springs steamed and we were almost the first to arrive. I spotted a few more guests perched up on the rocks enjoying there packed lunches as they overlooked the Pacific Ocean, which seemed to glisten with the west coast sunshine gleaming down on it. Change rooms were available at the springs and I got suited up and headed down the rocks to take a soak. My favorite spot quickly became relaxing under the waterfall. Located further down the rock crevice is the cooler springs which filter into the refreshing waters of the Pacific Ocean.

View over the ocean as we enjoyed our lunch!

After a long soak, I decided to enjoy my lunch perched up on the rocks that over looked the water, much like my clever fellow hot springers. I spent the rest of the my time at the springs on those same rocks soaking up as much of the sun as I possibly could! We made our way back to the docks and climbed back aboard our trusty vessel WASCO with Captain Tim patiently waiting for us with a smile. We spent awhile with 7 or 8 friendly Gray whales until moving along to the Humpback whales, which have always been my favorite! The Humpbacks were almost impossible to miss in the distance as you could see them just plain old splashing around in the water as we caught up to them. We returned to the docks and made our way back up to the office where I could already hear the excitement pour out of the office doors as the guests shared there stories with our staff. Now I too had the opportunity to  share my own story!

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