Hot Springs Tours

Our Hot Springs Tours in the last couple of days have been amazing. Tim, the driver of WASCO, has shown our guests grey whales, humpback whales, sea otters and black bears during the commute to Hot Springs Cove, North of Tofino.¬† We’ve had many guests drop by the office upon their arrival back from the Hot Springs to rave about the boat ride¬† and our driver Tim, who is always overflowing with knowledge of the West Coast. The ride to Hot Springs Cove, in our boat WASCO, is approximately 2 hours in duration. Once you arrive at the cove you have about 3 hours to take in the beauty, then back on the boat for another 2 hours for the return trip. And as you can tell the journey is just as beautiful as the destination. Hats off to Tim for turning our Hot Springs Tours into Hot Springs Cove Adventures.

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