Hot Springs Cove, Tofino BC: Tips

Hot Springs Boardwalk2The Journey to Hot Springs Cove is a fantastic one.  There are truly very few things in Tofino that compare to the experience of the natural Hot Springs in Maquinna Provincial Park.  There are a few things that every traveler should know about the tour and the springs themselves so that you can make the most of your day.

1. The round trip is typically 6.5 hours.  This includes approximately 1.5 hours each way by boat, about 3o minutes for the 2km hike in and roughly 2 hours to soak, relax and explore

2. There is no place to buy food or drinks at the hot springs so we encourage people to plan what they want for the day and pack accordingly.  Please refrain from glass containers as it can create hazards at the springs.

3. The boardwalk is well maintained and the photo here gives a pretty good idea what you are in for.  There are however many small sets of stairs and the occasional larger set so if bringing young children along you will likely want to leave the stroller and think of a back pack carrier or cozy instead.Hot Springs Soak3

4. No special footwear is required for the hike but just think about comfort for the 2km each way.  The trail can be slippery in the damp months o caution is always suggested.

5.  There are bathrooms at each end of the trail should the need arise.  There are also change rooms near the springs themselves so don’t think you will have to hide in the bushes.  Proper attire for public bathing is strongly encouraged by park staff.

6.  It is not required, however lots of people find comfort in wearing some form of water shoes while moving in and around the springs.  Some of the rocks can be rough or even sharp so it makes it easier on the feet that will have to get you back to the boat after.

7.  Sunscreen is always a good idea and of coarse bringing along a camera to capture the memories is a bonus.

8.  There are no lockers as such and it is common for people to find a place along the rocks to tuck there belongings away while not in use.

The Hot Springs are a truly memorable place.  Choosing the right company to get you there will make it even better.  At West Coast Aquatic Safaris we will offer you a rain jacket for comfort, a vessel with indoor and outdoor seating to make the most of all of the wildlife along the way and an on board restroom because, well you know!

Tours to Hot Springs Cove run from March 1st until November 1st ad we can’t wait to have you join us.

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