Hot Springing!

As written by our office team member, Savannah

Last week, my friend and I decided to take a trip up to the Hot Springs! It was an early morning for both of us, but involved no hesitation as we sprung out of our beds and packed our bags for the day.

As we boarded WASCO, the 12 passenger vessel, we observed the ocean as the morning fog rolled in and we admired the beautiful mountains that surrounded the quiet harbour. The sunshine in the forecast brought us great hope and our morning was off to a great start!

On our way to the Hot Springs, we saw numerous Humpback Whales and a couple Grey Whales who were feeding close to the shorelines. This was the first time my friend had seen the whales and we were both intrigued by the number of sights both close to the boat as well as in the distance. Thanks to Jeff, our driver, we were fortunate enough to spend more time with the whales and nearly got distracted that we hadn’t even reached the Hot Springs and we were already having such a memorable morning!As we finally took our eyes off the whales, we arrived back on land in preparation for a beautiful walk through an old growth cedar forest. As the trailed winded through the trees, we were able to get a glimpse of the mystic ocean through the trees and knew that the Hot Springs wasn’t far!

After about 20 minutes, we had reached the rocky Springs and after a morning hike through the forest, stepping into the hot

Braving the cold Pacific water

water was very rewarding, and so we spent a couple hours on the rocks overlooking the ocean while watching the sun peak through the clouds.

Right when we thought our day couldn’t get much better, we were proven wrong after spotting yet more Humpback Whales on our journey back to Tofino. The fog had lifted and the sun was shinning as we grasped every moment of the trip knowing this wasn’t going to be our last!

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  1. Rory says:

    It sounds like had an exciting trip! I am glad to hear your friend has finally seen a whale… Such beautiful creatures!!! The Hot Springs is a most memorable experience and I am looking forward to visiting them again… Thanks for the Blog, it brought back memories I have of the springs!

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