Sea Lions

One of the very common sights on our tours, whether you are out for Whales, Bears or on your way to the Hot Springs are Sea Lions. While they are not often the primary focus of our guests when they are planning which trip they will do, they can periodically make quite an impression. We have two types of Sea Lions  found in Clayoquot Sound, Stellar and Californian.  They can often be found cruising the waters by themselves or in small groups however, there are days when we find groups of 200-300 of them in and around the reefs which is really an amazing sight.

Sometimes it can be the things that we are not expecting to see that will leave a lasting impression. With the fog that we have been experiencing lately we have found many individuals that have been uncertain if there would be much of a view for wildlife and other local scenery. Upon their return to the West Coast Aquatic Safaris‘ office many are very excited about how the ocean and its surroundings have felt quite mystical as islands, and breaching Humpback Whales seem to just appear out of the fog. There has been no shortage of Whales or Black Bears on the tours and we are even seeing large sections of beautiful blue sky and hot sun as we navigate the waters further away from town. For those that have been feeling that their Tofino vacation has been lacking a little sun on the beaches, perhaps it is time to get out on the water for a different perspective.  Our groups heading to Hot Springs Cove have been some of the most fortunate and finding the conditions to be quite spectacular.

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