Weather The Storm

December 10th, 2010

It is inevitable that Tofino will have many great storms this season. We will not always have a beautiful rainbow across the sky, that perfectly highlights the local First Nations Community of Opitsat; however, it is evidence that it is often worth it to wait out the storms as what comes next is fantastic. This is definitely no double rainbow as seen in the YouTube Video that has recently gone Viral; however, it was well worth the moment it took to pause and appreciate the stillness after the storm had subsided and capture it.

Let The Storms Begin

December 7th, 2010

As winter sets in and we winterize the boats we begin shifting gears to another season. One that is every bit as adventuresome as heading out on the sea for a wildlife tour or trip to the hot springs. Its “Storm Watching” season. For some this is the time to watch Environment Canada to study charts and calculate just when it will be that the next big accumulation of soul shaking wind and waves will hit Tofino.

Tofino Weddings

December 4th, 2010

There are many places in the world that could be considered “the perfect place to be married”. Tofino has often been referred to as one of these places and with local hotels such as The Wickaninnish Inn, Long Beach Lodge and Pacific Sands Beach Resort there is no shortage of experienced professionals to make the big day perfect. With Magazines, wedding planners and even sites like Trip Advisor to help find the perfect place the options are ever increasing.

See You In The New Year

December 2nd, 2010

West Coast Aquatic Safaris has officially stopped running tours for the 2010 season. WASCO was taken out of the water and sent to her winter resting place until early in February when she will emerge from her sleep in search of her shadow, or at least those that are ready for the 2011 season. While our boats are now both out of the water, both Brent and Keith can still be found in the office, here in Tofino, over the next couple of weeks prior to heading to Hawaii to catch up with the humpbacks that have moved on to their winter home.

Jingle into Christmas

November 27th, 2010

As we head towards the holiday season, Tofino celebrated it’s Jingle into Christmas last night. The town was abuzz over the coarse of the evening, as all of our favorite shops and businesses offered special savings on the “must have” items for that special someone. Others offered holiday cheer through a warm beverage on a cool night.

Tofino Sunsets & Oysters, A Perfect Pairing!

November 21st, 2010

As the weekend comes to an end, Tofino sees its first flurries of snow for the year. As we expected this to happen we did manage to have one final weekend that was absolutely beautiful despite the chilly temperatures. As luck would have it the sunshine was a perfect match for first of Many Oyster Adventure Tours for West Coast Aquatic Safaris and the Clayoquot Oyster Festival. While the 13th annual Festival was a big success, it was definitely extra special for those that made the voyage up Lemmens inlet with Keith.

Indian Summer & A New Tour

November 11th, 2010

Although we are almost into the middle of November we are still experiencing days that feel like summer.  Yesterday was a wonderful day on the water with plenty of Sunshine, Grey Whales and even a few Sea Otters around as well.  As we have mentioned, NANUQ our 36 passenger catamaran has already been taken out of the water for the winter once over but WASCO still remains in active duty.  West Coast Aquatic Safaris is still offering daily departures to Hot Springs Cove as well as Whale Watching. With plenty to see and lots of adventure, our fall season has been great.

What A Perfect Day!

November 4th, 2010

Perfect days tend to turn into perfect nights and last night was no exception. The beaches were filled with people soaking up every last once of Vitamin D they could possibly get. While this weather is not overly common at this time of year it is that fact which makes days like yesterday so special.  I imagine that there  were hundreds of photos like these taken yesterday by people on the beaches with their iPhone feeling that this moment just had to be shared with someone else and preserved for later viewing. Last evening each of these photos were taken at the same time by members of the West Coast Aquatic Safaris team. Both at Chesterman Beach without knowing that the other was there. Each person captured their photo withing minutes of each other from almost the same spot and each emailed it directly to the office so that it could be seen today. Now as our weather today is dramatically different, another thing that makes Tofino weather so unique, I am sharing them with our readers so that you can see that these days do happen and you never know when.

Feels Like August

November 3rd, 2010

The water is beautiful and calm today. The weather has been perfect with only a very slight breeze and warm sunny temperatures. It has felt like August all day and we expect it to continue again tomorrow.  Tim and the group set out on WASCO today to take advantage of the incredible conditions. After a nice leisurely cruise, Tim found five or six Grey Whales, several Sea Otters and some Stellar Sea Lions out on the Plover reefs. As we leave Halloween behind and move towards the Pacific Rim Oyster Festival, we are getting excited for the chance to take in all of the activities and of coarse slurp back as many oysters as possible. There will be many great packages with some of the local hotels and there is absolutely no better way to recover from the gala or a belly full of oysters than a soak in the Hot Springs. We will still be having daily departures so make your plans and book early as it is sure to be a busy weekend.

Still Lots Of Life Left In This Season

October 30th, 2010

Our season continues and the sightings on our tours are still going strong.  it has been a while however, yesterday our group set out on WASCO and managed to find a pair of Humpback whales which included a young calf.  We did also manage to find several of the Grey Whales that have been in the area feeding for the last couple of weeks now.  After watching the whales for some time and a good amount of time with a group of about 13 Sea Otters our group spotted a small water spout rising up off the sea stretching several feet into the air.  I did get a chance to see some photos of the spout and am hopeful that we will have them to share on our sight within the next week or so.  West Coast Aquatic Safaris does have a photo of he week contest so for any of you that have been out with us this year we would love to see some of your best shots and then share them with all of our followers on the blog, the home page of our website as well as our new Facebook Page that has just been launched.