Why Tofino is awesome: Furry Friends

Up close and personal with the bears, but still at a safe distance aboard the boat!

Last week I highlighted one of the reasons why I think Tofino is one of the best places on Earth.  Sea creatures such as whales and cetaceans, sea lions, otters, and seals all play a vital role in the biodiversity of the area that help make up the natural beauty of Tofino.  However, while these creatures may spend most of their time in the water, they are not the only ones dependent on it. There is an array of furry faced wildlife that surround us in the Pacific Rim area that use the ocean as a means for survival.  From Wickaninnish Beach to Vargas Island, bears, wolves, cougars and deer visit the beach to forage for food that the Pacific Ocean supplies.

Females's that are pregnant and not getting enough protein in their diet have the ability to self-abort or absorb the embryo. Although sad, this prevents a baby from being brought into a world where it might perhaps not be fed adequately and provides the mother with exceptional protein.

Growing up at the base of Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver black bear sightings were frequent in my neighborhood. I’ve always maintained a significant amount of respect for these bears and have tried to observe them in their element without disturbing them too much.  Of course, seeing a bear snacking on garbage next to a parked car is somewhat of a different experience than seeing a bear within the ruggedness of the Coast.  What I love about our bear tours at West Coast Aquatic Safaris is the ability to get so incredibly close to the bears without really disturbing them.  We always run our bear tours according to the lowest tide so that we can pull our boats right up to the waters edge and observe the black beauties foraging for crabs along the beach.  So many of our guests return from the bear tours ecstatic with what they have seen and the pictures they have been able to return with (not quite as difficult as snapping photos of whales).  I think that bears are an amazing animal and the facts our drivers and naturalists provide continue to amaze me.  I hope that you might have the opportunity to join us on a bear watch and also be able to understand why I think bears and their furry counterparts make Tofino as amazing as it is!

Not just bears! Deer and wolves will often venture to the water's edge for a healthy snack. Photo cred: John McCoy

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  1. Tom says:

    What a great post. I have been following for a while and found this to be very interesting. I especially like the note about the black bear being able to self abort. What an intelligent being to be able to asses and make this decision!

    Thank you for sharing this.!!!

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