The Ochre Sea Star

A beautiful cluster of Ochre Sea Stars

A beautiful cluster of Ochre Sea Stars

The bright Ochre Sea Star can be found in the intertidal zone among the rocky shores of Clayoquot Sound. The Ochre sea star has tough spiny skin and is covered in thousands of tiny needle like spines to protect them from predators. These stars are also have a particularly strong hold on the surface it adheres too, this protects it from being dislodged by waves or animals. The Ochre Star is a predator that feeds mostly on mussels, but in the absence of mussels have been known to eat chiton, barnacles and snails. The Ochre star will pry open its prey’s shell and protrude its stomach into the opened shell to ingest it’s food. Interesting little creatures they are. If you’d like to seeĀ  a few of them, head down to the rocks at Chesterman’s Beach at a particularly low tide; their bright colors are hard to miss.

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