The Harbour Seal

A harbour seal resting on some rocks.

Harbour Seals are furry marine mammals that are commonly seen by our guests on Whale Watching Tours, Bear Watching Tours, and even our Hot Springs Tours. Clayoquot Sound makes a great home for Harbour Seals. Harbour Seals live their lives along coast lines rarely venturing further than 20 km off shore. Harbour Seals are agile swimmers; they court and breed under water but give birth on land. They eat mostly fish, but will also eat crustaceans and molluscs. Usually when viewing Harbour Seals on our wild life tours, the seals are resting on rocky islands, sunning themselves or just relaxing. Seals are an important indicator species. Harbour Seals are a key indicator species; they are predators and the state of the seal population can help researchers observe the health of the marine ecosystem.

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