The Bears Are Back

It has felt like a lengthy winter without the black bears however to them I’m sure the season has flown by. There have been many vessels on the look out for these wonderful creatures since the beginning of April. In the last week the sightings have increased enough for West Coast Aquatic Safaris to be offering it’s first official tour of the season.

Ideal conditions for this tour are during the low tide periods of the day and preferably when the temperature is cool. For us this often means that our 7:00am departure times offer the highest level of success. These tours take place on the sheltered inside waters of Fortune channel and in behind Meares Island. As the tide is low the bears will emerge from the forest in search of crab and other shellfish in and around the rocky beaches and grassy mudflats.

The best way to experience this spectacular tour is from the walk around deck of either WASCO or NANUQ. An elevated viewing platform allows are guests the ability to see up some of the steeper beaches, past obstacles and into the wooded area if needed. The freedom to move around withing the vessel to any of the outer viewing decks means you can move to get the view that best works for you and not have to wait until the boat adjusts its position.

During these tours we are often fortunate enough to see Stellar Sea Lions, wolves, Harbour Seals and Bald Eagles. The scenery is some of the most spectacular in British Columbia and the comfortable cruise with any of our very knowledgeable captains and naturalists is an experience that will not be forgotten. Take advantage of our online booking system to receive an additional 10% off.

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