NANUQ and The Bears

Our conditions were superb this morning for a fantastic time on the Bear Watch Tour.  The deep inside waters in Clayaquot Sound provide deep calm bays for NANUQ and her dual hull design to get up close and personal.  This morning we departed at 7:00 am to catch the tide at its lowest providing ample space for the Black Bears to forage for their meal.  Today was particularly good and the group were able to find 3 adult bears and 8 cubs.

Shortly after this group Departed, WASCO left Tofino Harbour headed for Hot Springs Cove.  Experiencing the Hot Springs in the morning is easily the best way to beat the summer crowds.  Beginning tomorrow West Coast Aquatic Safaris will be offering each of our guests that has signed up for the 8:00 am departure a complimentary muffin from Jupiter Juice. Not only will we attempt to get our passengers to the Springs before the crowds, we will also do our very best to ensure you have a great time and get to see any of the wildlife that is nearby.

At West Coast Aquatic Safaris we pride ourselves at being leaders and offering a unique tour experience with our first class vessels at a comfortable price.  Beginning in July we will be adding a completely new tour unlike anything that Tofino has to offer.  On select days of the week we will be sending WASCO out at 7:00pm for a Sunset Dinner Cruise.  While on board our passengers will be enjoying a beautiful tour through the inside waters with the potential to see a tremendous amount of wildlife as the sun begins to drop.  At the same time we will be offering a selection of delicious appetizers and sparkling water provided by The Spotted Bear Bistro. Upon your return to our dock you will have time to freshen up at the office prior to taking the group across the road where a table will be waiting with a 3 coarse meal (options available) and a flute of champagne for each.  This incredible opportunity will be limited to 12 passengers per cruise and will available at one combined price of only $159 plus any applicable taxes per person.

Our first tour will be on July 7 and for those first 12 passengers the price will be 2 for the price of 1.  Our helpful office team are standing by to take your reservations as this package is currently not available online.

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