Expect The Unexpected

As I was saying yesterday, sometimes what you are not expecting to see can be the highlight of the trip.  This morning we had a group head out on a Bear Watching tour on NANUQ and the end result of the trip was 6 bear sightings which included 2 females and 4 cubs.  Many of the passengers commented that the most impressive sight was the 2 adult and 4 wolf pups.  We don’t see these magnificent creatures on every tour so it is a very nice treat when we do and a quiet foggy morning it is even more special.  The day in general has been fantastic with many Grey whales throughout the day and and a couple of Humpbacks joining us late in the afternoon as the sun came out.  West Coast Aquatic Safaris continues to be the first choice in family adventure with the ideal boat for all ages and abilities and the price to match.  Our children ride for free promotion continues throughout the month of August but don’t forget to make your reservation as the news of this event has traveled fast and seats are going quickly.  Hassle free reservations can be made online while saving an additional 10% when booking more than 24 hours in advance otherwise contact our helpful office staff to schedule your tour.

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