Bears, Wolves & Orcas!

It’s not that often that anyone can depart on a tour and find Bears Orcas and Wolves on the same trip.  It was the case this week as West Coast Aquatic Safaris departed on our morning Bear Watch Tour just the other day.  Since we can’t Guarantee bear sightings on these tours it is important that we put a great deal of effort into making sure that we schedule out tours for the best possible conditions and lowest tides.  It does mean that there are days when we do not have a Bear Watch scheduled as the last thing we would want to do is depart when the odds are slim.  There has been so much to see this year and September has been some of the best action all season.  Thanks to a healthy bear and wolf population this year we have had the privilege of seeing many of each this year and often on the same tours.  Each have seemed to have plenty of cubs and pups and have been active and cooperative for those that have joined our tours.  On the rare occasion when we have seen Orcas in Fortune Channel at the same time it has offered an experience and memories unlike any other.  Weather has not been an issue as our boats are designed to offer the best possible view regardless of the conditions and our highly seasoned, experienced Captains and guides have a natural ability to put you in the right place at the right time.

Our season continues well into the fall and our sightings just seem to be getting better and better.  Give us a call to make your reservation for a tour departing soon.

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