Bald Eagles In Clayoquot Sound

Bald Eagle in Flight

If you are lucky enough to be a passenger on one of out tours, there is a chance that you will pass by the eagles nest on the edge of the harbour. Bald Eagle nests are some of the biggest nests in North America; they are huge accumulations of mud branches and the remains of prey. Most nests produce two young which do not leave the nest until they are full grown.

Bald Eagles are known for their white heads, but do not achieve a fully white head until full sexual maturity at 4 or 5 years of age. Bald Eagles also have a huge wing span of up to 2 meters in length. These gorgeous creatures feed mostly on fish and even go as far as stealing other animals’ prey. To learn more about the Bald Eagles in Clayoquot Sound, please book your seat on our next Whale Watching Tour, Bear Watching Tour, or Hot Springs Tour.

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