Wolves, Whales, Bears, Oh My…

Spring has sprung and we have began seeing much more variety of wildlife in the last week or so. Our morning began with the sighting of 3 wolves on Indian Island! Yesterday our group was very fortunate to find a couple of Grey whales expressing a case of spring fever and getting familiar with each other. Two days prior we found our first Humpback of the season just off shore about a mile and a half from Cleland Island. All this makes for a very good sign as our winter conditions begin to mellow out and the seas start to flatten.

As we enter April we will begin looking for bears to start showing themselves down on the beaches during the low tides. It is at these points of the day that we tend to see the Black Bears foraging for shellfish and crab. As our season progresses and the consistency of bears increases West Coast Aquatic Safaris will be offering our bear watching tours daily with departure times based on the tide height.  The best time for these trips is at a low tide as it provides ample space for the bears to find food.  The other thing to be considered is the time of day. Whenever possible we run our bear tours with a 7 am departure as the cool mornings seem to provide the best viewings.

The next important ingredient for a successful bear watch is the vessel. With west Coast Aquatic Safaris we offer two options depending on the time of year. Whichever vessel you end up on you may rest assured that these first-class vessels have been specifically designed for wildlife viewing. With the ability to move freely from a heated cabin that is equipped with a restroom to the fully walk around bow deck or upper deck you have the ability to get the best possible view. No waiting for the captain to turn the boat or being fixed in one space, you can move yourself for the best view on the water.  Our captains are born and raised in the area and offer a level of skill and knowledge unparalleled by anyone.

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