A Perfect Bear Watch

This morning was off to a perfect start.  Our 7 am bear watching tour had the good fortune of finding two separate groups of Black Bears.  Each group was a cow and 3 cubs out on the rocky beaches eating crabs and playing in the sun.  Some of the guests commented on what a unique experience it is to be able to witness the bears in their own natural environment without being disturbed by anything. Early this afternoon, Tim WASCO and the group managed to locate 3 Grey Whales before the wind picked up and they headed into the inside waters. This evening WASCO will be heading out for her first sunset Whale Watch tour of the season.  It should be a spectacular night as the breeze dies off.

West Coast Aquatic Safaris received and update from Keith (owner) today that NANUQ is expected to make her way into the Tofino Harbour for Wednesday evening.  We will looking for some interested people to come aboard NANUQ in the Ucluelet Harbour and make the voyage into Tofino.  If anyone is in town and interested in being apart of the excitement please contact us in the office for the details.

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